1699? Exposure of Xiaomi’s first gaming mobile phone: debuts Dimensity 1200

On January 20th, MediaTek finally brought a new Dimensity processor. Although it failed to use the 5nm process that has been frequently turned over, as a sub-flagship chip, the 6nm process is still sufficient for the 7nm Snapdragon 870. . After the chip was released, Realme stated that it will be the first batch to be equipped with Dimensity 1200 processors. In contrast, Redmi is full of confidence. Product General Manager Lu Weibing said that the Redmi gaming phone will be the first to launch the Dimensity 1200.

The e-sports mobile phone market is not that big. It has already squeezed into ROG, Lenovo Rescuer, Red Devils and many other manufacturers. Vivo and OPPO have also launched the iQOO and Ace series that focus on game performance before, and the competition is fierce. In recent years, there have been more and more mobile game players, and Xiaomi has decided to come in and get a share of the pie.

Regarding the model of the Redmi gaming phone, there is no clear exposure, but it should not be the Redmi K40. According to recent news, Redmi K40 should be Snapdragon 870 and K40 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888. This means that Redmi will open a new series for the release of gaming phones.

Compared with Dimensity 1000+, Dimensity 1200 performance has increased by 22%, energy efficiency increased by 25%, and the overall performance is comparable to Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 865+, plus the newly introduced ray tracing technology, Under the premise of power consumption and heat without overturning, it can be called the preferred processor for games. The big sales of Dimensity processors in 2020 have already established a good reputation for MediaTek. If Dimensity 1200 performs well, then MediaTek will completely stand up.

Xiaomi has previously invested in the Black Shark, an e-sports mobile phone, and now it has launched its own e-sports mobile phone, which puzzled some netizens. To put it simply, the initial price of e-sports mobile phones is basically above 3,000 yuan. After upgrading the Snapdragon 888 this year, it is expected to start at RMB 3,500. There are no e-sports phones to choose from in the low-end price range.

Black Shark will continue to focus on the high-end market, and Redmi is responsible for lowering the price of e-sports mobile phones, so Lu Weibing said that “to bring the flagship e-sports experience to the majority of fans at a price that cannot be refused”. It is reported that the starting price of the Redmi K40 equipped with the Snapdragon 870 may be as low as 1999 yuan, and the price of an e-sports phone equipped with the Dimensity 1200 may even be as low as RMB 1699.

The release time of the Redmi gaming phone has not yet been determined. According to reports, the 6nm process will be launched by vivo. That is to say, after the release of the vivo model equipped with Dimensity 1100, Redmi will release the gaming phone equipped with Dimensity 1200. It seems that it will have to wait until late February or March.

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