1800W three-speed adjustable, Bemi quick-drying hair dryer is only CNY39

Bemi hair dryer is compact and convenient, with foldable handle, double-layer heat-insulating mouth, translucent frosted texture, weighing only 463g, available in milky white and mint green colors, suitable for school dormitory, home and other scenes.

It adopts heat balance technology to avoid high temperature and violent evaporation of water, protect hair from heat damage, and smooth out frizz.

At the same time, it simulates the principle of flow around the propeller of an aircraft, and the experience is more comfortable. The wind speed is 11m/s, and the highest wind temperature is 83.7℃.

Bemi hair dryer has a power of 1800W, supports high air volume and quick drying! Three gears are adjustable, including cold wind gear, soft wind gear and strong wind gear. It also has overheat protection.

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