1MORE ComfoBuds strength recommendation, original design

In the current earphone market, true wireless earphones are already the king of sales. However, in fact, many true wireless headset manufacturers now have true wireless headsets that are similar in design and even somewhat similar to Apple, especially in the segment of semi-in-ear headsets.

The 1MORE ComfoBuds wireless headset launched by 1MORE is completely original design of Wanmo.

1MORE ComfoBuds has two exterior color matching designs, namely: pearl white and starry black. Among them, the color of pearl white is a bit like pearl paint on the car. When light shines on the earphone charging box, the light will undergo complex refraction, and the charging box is like a pearl;

The color of starry sky black is the same as its name, and the surface of the charging box looks like the starry sky at night.

The single earphone of 1MORE ComfoBuds weighs only 3.8g, and thanks to the semi-in-ear design of the earphone, there will be no discomfort if worn for a long time.

1MORE ComfoBuds not only has a very high appearance, but also is powerful in terms of functionality.

This headset has an infrared sensor with intelligent in-ear detection. It will automatically pause when you take off the music when listening to a song. After putting on the headset, it will automatically play again. After my actual experience, I can find that the recognition accuracy of this function is very high. Every time you take off or put on the earphones, there will be a beep. When playing music, no matter which earphone is removed, the music can be automatically paused at the first time, and it can continue to play after putting it on again. The whole process is very Smooth.

In terms of sound quality, 1MORE ComfoBuds is equipped with a 13.4mm super large diameter moving coil unit, and also equipped with a flexible LCP+PU diaphragm.

And this headset also supports the AAC high-definition Bluetooth format, which has a good guarantee for high-quality sound quality. The actual hearing performance is excellent. The three-band of the headset is very balanced. It has very good performance capabilities for classical music, and the sound details are natural and true. Transparent and clear.

1MORE ComfoBuds also has a very good performance in terms of battery life. The battery life of a single headset can reach 4 hours when it is fully charged, and it can get 18 hours of comprehensive battery life when combined with the charging box.

1MORE ComfoBuds comfortable bean true wireless earphones are currently priced at CNY301 on jd.com, and the earphone protective case of the same color is also included when the order is placed.

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