24-hour heart rate monitoring OPPO bracelet black gold version is on sale: the price is CNY199

According to the news on February 19th, today, OPPO Zhimei Life officially announced through Weibo that the OPPO bracelet black gold version is now officially on sale online. Purchase on the 19th day can enjoy a 50 yuan discount, and the price is only CNY199. Visitors can purchase through the official flagship store.

As a “fashionable and healthy” OPPO bracelet, since its launch in June last year, it has been favored by many young people and sports enthusiasts with its powerful health detection function.

It is reported that the OPPO bracelet has a continuous blood oxygen monitoring function, which monitors blood oxygen saturation every second during sleep, claiming to be able to “sleep for 8 hours and guard 20,000 times”.

Not only that, heart rate is also one of the main parameters for measuring health. This device can achieve 24-hour heart rate detection and sleep quality detection functions, and users can know their own heart rate at any time.

In addition, the OPPO bracelet can also provide real-time vibration reminders when the heart rate is too high or too low, so as to alert the user’s health at any time.

The heart rate changes recorded during exercise can also provide accurate data support for scientific exercise.

Of course, in addition to the health detection function, the OPPO bracelet also has 12 built-in sports modes, including fat-reducing running, indoor/outdoor running, walking, cycling, etc., and supports 50 meters of water resistance.

In terms of appearance, the OPPO bracelet is equipped with a 2.5D curved 1.1-inch AMOLED screen. It comes in two styles, a standard version and a fashionable version, which are available in quiet night black, misty purple, starry black, and quicksand gold color matching wristbands.

At the same time, the bracelet can receive WeChat message pushes, incoming call notifications, and can also control mobile phone music playback. You can also find mobile phones through the bracelet. The stylish version of the bracelet has built-in NFC function, and it also supports swiping cards in the city’s subway and bus systems.

In terms of battery life, the OPPO bracelet has a built-in 100mAh battery, which can be quickly charged within 1.5 hours, and the longest battery life can reach 14 days.

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