24 levels of heating and cooling reading lights and other all-round upgrades, Xiaomi watch the electronic paper book Pro experience

Last year, Xiaomi’s Mi Duo Kan Electronic Paper Book was loved by many fans. One year later, Xiaomi brought the flagship Mi Du Kan Electronic Paper Pro, which is equipped with 7.8-inch 300ppi HD. Ink screen, with 24-level dual-color temperature reading light, 2GB storage + 32GB storage, quad-core low-power processor, built-in open Android 8.1 customized version system, pre-sale price of RMB1099 and free VIP for more than 1 year.

The front of Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro is equipped with a 7.8-inch high-definition ink screen with a resolution of 1872*1404 and 300ppi, which is very clear even if you watch it close up.

The weight of the whole machine is only 251 grams, and the thickness of the body is 7 mm. Although the size is much larger than that of ordinary electronic paper books, there is no pressure to carry it with you. The difference between Xiaomi Dukan Electronic Paper Book Pro and traditional electronic paper books is that Xiaomi Dukan Electronic Paper Book and the surrounding frame adopt a flat integrated design, and the visual sense is obviously better.

Many people have the habit of reading books at night. As an upgraded version of Xiaomi Reading Electronic Paper Book Pro, this time it brings two-color warm and soft reading light, the lighting system has become more mature, and it supports 24-level light adjustment, and the light is more delicate Softer, more uniform brightness, no matter what the environment, you can read comfortably.

Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro collects Duokan, Dangdang and WeChat Reading three major library, each reading software is not only rich in resources, but also exquisite layout.

The customized version of Sogou input method is built in Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro, which realizes the perfect adaptation to the refresh speed of the ink screen. The efficient input solutions covering voice, pinyin, five strokes, strokes, and English bring a more friendly and smooth Interactive experience.

Voice input and voice translation functions are also added to the customized version of Sogou input method ink screen. Among them, the Sogou input method voice technology uses a highly optimized Streamed Attention end-to-end acoustic model, with a recognition accuracy rate of 98%, and a voice input speed of up to 400 words per minute, making the user’s recording expression faster and more comfortable.

The voice translation function supports real-time translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, and Korean, which fully meets the needs of translation and multilingual use in diverse usage scenarios such as entertainment, work, and life.

Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro has a built-in 32GB large-capacity storage, and it also provides five ways to transfer books, including Baidu Netdisk, Dukan Netdisk, WLAN transmission, USB connection to the computer, and Bluetooth transmission. Import its own reading resources, epub , Pdf, txt, excel, ppt, doc and other mainstream formats can be opened directly, and it also supports PDF rearrangement. In addition, Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Pro has an open Android 8.1 system built in, equipped with a high-performance quad-core low-power processor and 2G storage, which can ensure fast and smooth operation of the device.

For families with children at home, Xiaomi Duo Kan Electronic Paper Book Pro has also added a youth mode. After turning on this function, the use of some functions can be restricted, and the content of educational knowledge will also be selected.

On the basis of the previous generation, the release of Xiaomi Duokan Electronic Paper Book Pro basically complemented many shortcomings used by users. The screen not only adopts a flat-screen design and a larger size, but also has a better display effect. The hardware and configuration are improved. The performance can be improved faster, storage has also doubled, and after the upgrade, it is more suitable for the use of mid-to-high-end user groups. The launch of Xiaomi Dukan Electronic Paper Book Pro allows users to have a better reading experience. The input method and interaction design are similar to those of using mobile phones, and it is very easy to get started while improving the efficiency of use.

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