360 sweeping robot X100 MAX machine top version released: rare three eyes

On January 25, 360 released the flagship sweeper X100 Max for 2021. It has three-nozzle hidden radar, ultra-thin body avoidance, 3300Pa suction, recognition carpet, 520ml electronically controlled water tank and other selling points.

The 360 ​​sweeping robot X100 MAX is the 360’s first trinocular lidar matrix sweeping robot. 1 LDS lidar and 2 OLS lidars can make the sweeper effectively perceive the home environment in three dimensions.

With dToF scanning technology and 360 Indoor Unmanned Driving Brain 5.0, it can achieve more accurate mapping, more comprehensive whole-house planning, and realize early detection and active avoidance of obstacles and easy card areas, making it smarter.

Forward obstacle avoidance lidar can quickly and accurately identify hundreds of obstacles such as power strips, slippers, pet feces, body fat scales, etc., and send them back to the processor for real-time calculations, so as to perform active obstacle avoidance recognition and avoid entanglement and mistakes. Scanning, accidental touch, etc. occur.

At the same time, it uses the same dToF scanning technology of Apple and NASA’s Mars Rover to run at a nanosecond speed to accurately construct a house map, restore the whole picture of the home, and ensure complete cleaning, covering all rooms.

The 360 ​​sweeping robot X100 MAX machine top version uses Nidec’s new brushless motor, about 27000 rpm, can provide a maximum of 3300Pa surging suction, nowhere to hide the hair dust, deep clean the floor of the home.

In terms of mopping, it comes with a 520ml electronically controlled large water tank, which can drag a large apartment of 300 square meters at a time. It supports the fine mopping mode, and the whole house is towed twice.

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