3CEREMONY Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11 Pro Evaluation: Efficient cleaning

3CEREMONY Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro, integrates many oral care technologies, visual ultrasonic dental cleaning technology, 500W high-precision endoscope, 360° precise brushing, intelligent and efficient non-injury to the gums, three major cleaning modes and other innovative functions The blessing brings a refreshing experience of oral care.

3CEREMONY Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro uses a high-efficiency ultrasonic transducer. The high-power transducer converts electrical energy into ultrasonic kinetic energy to the greatest extent, achieving 42kHz over-frequency resonance, and 200W subsonic vibration frequency per minute, which is transmitted through the tip to the teeth. Contact resonance, smash dental calculus safely, clean tooth stains with confidence, and achieve powerful and efficient cleaning.

Its biggest feature is equipped with a high-precision macro endoscope, the camera is equipped with macro processing technology, built-in multiple sensors, through intelligent software algorithms, let you enjoy 500W high-definition pixel experience, visualization makes cleaning teeth more intuitive and cleaner.

3CEREMONY Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro has a built-in UAV dedicated Wi-Fi chip, through the chip image processing technology, 500W lens image high-speed Wi-Fi transmission to the mobile phone, allowing you to see the oral world thoroughly, clean and instantly visible.

It also has a built-in four-axis directional gyroscope, and the camera’s angle of view remains unchanged when the fuselage rotates. It cleans the teeth accurately at 360°, bringing a safe and comfortable high-end dental cleaning experience. For the dead corners of the mouth that are difficult to clean with toothbrushes such as interdental or posterior molars, T11Pro can easily deal with it. It can completely remove stubborn stains, tartar and oral bacteria, and clean teeth in all directions.

3CEREMONY Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11Pro supports three modes: gentle, white and strong, with three different functions to achieve full coverage of dental stains, tartar, calculus and other dental cleaning scenes, to meet the individual needs of different people in an all-round way, and to care for the whole family Oral health.

Gentle mode: for beginners to gently remove tartar and stains;

Whitening mode: remove stubborn tartar such as smoke stains, coffee stains, tea stains, etc.;

Powerful mode: Remove formed dental calculus and clean teeth more powerfully.

Through the principle of over-frequency resonance, the gums are intelligently identified, and over-frequency resonance occurs when it comes in contact with teeth or hard objects. It will stop working when it touches the gums or soft objects.

It supports 10 minutes of intelligent power-off protection, and automatically stops every 10 minutes of work to prevent the tip from overheating and need to be restarted. T11Pro’s intelligent power-off protection ensures that the tip is working in a safe environment and also makes the product life longer.

It adopts Type-C interface, supports 2 hours of fast charging, 60 days of battery life, no frequent charging; supports IPX7 waterproof, can be washed all over the body; built-in spotlight LED lights, using professional spotlight beads, can illuminate the entire oral cavity, more convenient HD Picture transmission.

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