Ability to suck, mop, and wash: the stone intelligent dual-scrubber U10 makes a “deep SPA” for the floor

On August 25th, Rock Technology released its annual dual flagship new products, namely the self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 and the Roborock intelligent dual scrubbing machine U10. Both products have integrated sweeping/mopping/suction functions, which can be done at a time. Clean the floor deeply.

At present, two products have been pre-sold. Among them, the stone smart dual scrubber U10 is priced at 3499 yuan, and the official also provides a 2-year warranty.

In our daily lives, we often encounter some cleaning problems, such as wet and dry garbage in the kitchen, such as soup stains accidentally spilled on the floor. This type of stain is extremely troublesome to clean up, and it is unavoidable to wash the mop by hand, which is troublesome. It’s not hygienic. The stone smart dual scrubbing machine U10, launched by Rock Technology, integrates suction, mopping and washing functions. It supports vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning functions. Home cleaning has become more efficient and comfortable. It is no exaggeration to say , The stone intelligent dual scrubbing machine U10 was born to solve the “intractable diseases” during cleaning.

The core feature of this scrubber is the combination of two sets of roller brushes, which can wipe the floor cleaner, internally rotate the garbage, two-way assist, double-sided welt, and no water stains. When the machine is running on the ground, the two roller brushes will scrub the stains separately, which is equivalent to cleaning twice with a single roller brush machine, twice the scrubbing time, and the cleaning ability is doubled. At the same time, the two roller brushes rotate in opposite directions, and the water will be pushed to the middle of the two roller brushes to suck away. The scraper only needs to scrape off a small amount of residual water, which can achieve a better water recovery effect, that is, drag and dry without leaving. Water marks.

U10 uses a 5000mAh large-capacity power lithium battery, which can work for more than 35 minutes on a single charge. In order to provide sufficient power for the double roller brushes, U10 is equipped with a digital brushless frequency conversion fan, equipped with two independent 100W high-power motors to provide power. The total power is up to 260W, the maximum speed can reach 73000 rpm, and the efficiency exceeds 50%. The power system ensures that each roller brush has a strong cleaning power to achieve a strong cleaning effect.

With the above luxurious configuration, all kinds of wet and dry garbage encountered in our daily life, the stone intelligent double scrubbing machine U10, are all available, such as dust, debris, lint, rice grains, noodles, and eggs. , Vegetable leaves and so on.

In addition, the stone intelligent dual scrubber U10 provides three cleaning modes: Max, Auto and water absorption mode. You can choose Auto for daily use. It can adjust the cleaning force and the size of the water according to the dirt on the ground. Max mode is the maximum suction and maximum water output, suitable for cleaning heavy oil stained areas; the suction mode is the maximum suction and minimum water output, suitable for cleaning in toilets and showers. Three modes can be freely selected for different cleaning scenes.

The author simulates the common dry and wet garbage that is difficult to clean in daily life, including yogurt, dried soup, porridge, watermelon seeds, seasonings and so on. In our daily life, the above-mentioned garbage is very common, but it is very difficult to clean up. Often times, the ground is not cleaned and the mop/broom is dirty. The stone intelligent dual scrubber U10 can avoid these crazy moments.

Some friends may have doubts when they see this place. U10 is so efficient in cleaning the ground, what should I do if I get dirty? Is it troublesome to clean up? Don’t worry, the stone intelligent dual-scrubber U10 has a self-cleaning function. In this mode, the stone scrubber U10 will automatically determine the degree of dirt on the brush head and perform self-cleaning work at different times. The self-cleaning process is probably dozens of times. Seconds to 2 minutes or so. What we have to do is to dump the sewage in the sewage bucket (of course, if the sewage is not too much, you can save it until next time).

At the same time, the stone intelligent dual scrubber U10 has also optimized some details of self-cleaning. If there is water shortage or full water during self-cleaning, the self-cleaning will keep the current progress. You only need to change the water and then press the self-cleaning button. , You can continue from the interrupted location without re-doing the entire self-cleaning process.

In addition, the U10 roller brush is equipped with 304 stainless steel scraper (in contact with the roller brush, not in contact with the floor). During work, spray clean water on the roller brush. Suck it away, and then spray clean water. Each time the roller brush rotates one round, it goes through a complete process of scraping off the sewage and spraying clean water, which can bring better cleaning results.


The biggest thing I feel about the Stone Intelligent Double Brush Scrubber U10 is that its cleaning ability is very powerful. No matter how expensive the mop is, it can’t be compared to the U10 scrubber with “two brushes”. Its efficient cleaning ability will definitely let you Give it a thumbs up, and even regret it — regret buying it late.

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