Alibaba announces the establishment of artificial intelligence governance and sustainable development laboratory: there are hundreds of high-level algorithm engineers

Alibaba announced the establishment of the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Governance Laboratory (AAIG). Ali introduced that the laboratory will focus on sustainable, reliable, credible, and usable artificial intelligence technologies and applications. By building a trust mechanism for the digital economy, it will punish behaviors that endanger the interests of businesses and users, protect and incentivize innovation, and promote the platform. The sustained and healthy development of the economy.

Alibaba said that in the future, the laboratory will focus on technology research and development such as multi-modal fusion analysis, adversarial learning, causal network, multi-agent reinforcement learning, and algorithm fairness and interpretability research to promote credible and reliable AI. Large-scale technology serves various key applications, and builds a risk assessment system and identification system for core technologies to adapt to real business scenarios in society.

Alibaba said that as of now, there are hundreds of high-level algorithm engineers in the Artificial Intelligence Governance and Sustainable Development Laboratory, who are committed to using artificial intelligence technology to solve risk prevention problems in various business scenarios and to study the safety of artificial intelligence itself. , Transparency and fairness. Its team members have published more than 70 papers in top academic conferences on artificial intelligence and network security, obtained more than 60 patents, won seven international competitions, and won the 2020 China Computer Society Science and Technology Progress Outstanding Award, etc. .

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