Amazon Echo Glow: Can interact with Echo products

Amazon Echo Glow provides a lot of entertainment and features. It can be connected to any Echo product and is interactive.

Its unique Rainbow Timer can be realized by a simple “set timer” command. It brings an interesting and colorful light show to your space.

You will know that the time for the glowing color transition has passed. It can be used as a visual cue to let you know if cooking is almost finished, or let your child know that it is time to go to bed.

The light can imitate the flickering flame and create a party atmosphere through the disco light function, and so on.

You can also set specific settings on Glow to prevent your kids from accidentally finding inappropriate content. Subscribing to Amazon FreeTime may limit your Echo Glow to child-friendly audiobooks and music titles.

Amazon said that Echo Glow is a new way for children to interact with smart homes, such as turning lights on and off. In addition, Echo Glow has added some new features for home users.

First, Amazon added an Alexa Educational Skills teaching skills API, designed to help parents keep in touch with older children. The new API can connect to applications that your child’s school may use, such as Canvas, Kickboard, and Coursera.

After the binding is completed, parents can use the API to initiate voice query commands to Alexa, such as what homework the child will write tonight or how he performed on the math test yesterday. As for high school and university level students, you can also use the Alexa Educational Skills API to record homework, submit deadlines and other information.

Secondly, the company brought a new FreeTime experience to children in Echo Show 8, including child-friendly educational content, richer parental control features, making video calls, and even adding tags to photos.

Finally, the company added privacy protection for Alexa children’s communication products. All contacts must be approved by the service before they are allowed to talk to the child on the phone. There is also a singing function, which can pop the lyrics onto the screen.

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