Amazon releases new Echo Show 8: processor, camera upgrades, prices unchanged

Amazon recently upgraded the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 smart speakers, as well as the Echo Show 5 children’s version.

Echo Show 8 is equipped with a new processor and camera, which allows users to remotely view the camera screen through its built-in voice assistant, and can also add special effects to video chats. The Echo Show 5 has improved the camera resolution, added a blue-looking version, and added a children’s version that includes children’s services and a two-year warranty.

1. 110-degree field of view ultra-clear camera, new safety mode

Although the appearance and price have not changed, the Echo Show 8 is now equipped with a new eight-core processor and the same 13-megapixel camera as the Echo Show 10. It can provide a 110-degree field of view, panning and zooming the screen to keep the subject in the center of the screen.

The new Echo Show 8 can use the camera to detect whether someone enters the room, and use this information to automatically control the light switch and so on. But Amazon emphasizes that this is an optional feature, camera detection will not be automatically turned on, and users must manually enter the code if they choose to turn on this feature, which greatly reduces the chance of misoperation leading to user privacy leakage.

▲ Echo Show 8 is equipped with a physical privacy shutter

In addition, Alexa, the smart voice assistant of Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5, adds a safe mode. After it is turned on, users can remotely view the Echo device’s camera screen from their mobile phone.

Echo Show 8 will also introduce new AR (augmented reality) special effects for Amazon’s video chat service, such as filling the screen with hearts or setting a custom virtual background.

2. The resolution is doubled, and the children’s version provides a two-year warranty

At the same time, the resolution of the new Echo Show 5 camera has been increased from the original 1 million pixels to 2 million pixels. Unfortunately, due to performance reasons, the Echo Show 5 cannot implement the camera’s follow mode.

However, Amazon has reduced the price of Echo Show 5 this time, from the original $89.99 to $84.99. In addition to the previous black and white appearance, it also has a blue version.

▲ Echo Show 5 blue version

The newly launched Echo Show 5 children’s version has a striking print on the back of the device, and the price is also $10 more expensive than the regular version. Ordering the children’s version also comes with a one-year Amazon Kids Plus service and a two-year warranty.

▲ Appearance of Echo Show 5 children’s version

All three versions of the Echo Show can be ordered immediately, but delivery may take several weeks. In this way, it seems that even Amazon cannot completely avoid the problem of chip shortages.

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