Analog 7.1-channel external sound card Rapoo VM150S in-ear gaming headset experience evaluation

Sound effects are very important for many games. It not only allows us to get a complete game experience, but also in some competitive games, it is necessary to locate enemies and skills through sound, so as to predict in advance and make decisions at the critical moment. Reaction and operation to win the final game.

Therefore, in addition to the excellent gaming performance of the whole machine, most players will choose a gaming headset with excellent performance to enhance the gaming experience, but the traditional large-enclosed gaming headset will not only hold your head for a long time, but will also be easy in summer. Sweating greatly affects our gaming experience. In-ear gaming headsets can better solve this problem. Today we will experience a VM150S in-ear gaming headset from Rapoo.

In terms of packaging, the Pennefather VM150S continues the classic Pennefather style, the packaging style of the black disk, and the actual product 3D rendering in the middle. The packaging texture is very good.

Different from the general big earmuff-style gaming headsets, the packaging of the VM150S is very compact. At the same time, the in-ear design makes it completely free to wear, and the packaging also comes with another set of silicone cochlea, which can be more It fits our ears well and brings better wearing comfort.

The earphone body adopts an in-ear design, the whole size is moderate, a little larger than traditional in-ear earphones, and the design of metal material has a good texture. At the same time, the left and right earphones also have the exclusive logo of Rapoo.

In the packaging, we can see that the Pennefather VM150S uses a separate assembly method of microphone and headset, which can meet the free choice of personalized users and bring better daily use experience. Not only that, the headset uses a standard 3.5mm The interface is compatible with computers, mobile phones, game consoles and other devices. It can also be connected to an external 7.1 sound card. There is also a splitter in the package to connect to a desktop computer. The compatibility and ease of use are good. I must like Leibo, I really consider a lot for the players.

In addition, there is a wire control on the headset, which can be used to adjust the volume and pause the music. It is more convenient when we use the mobile phone to listen to music.

This headset also provides an external virtual 7.1-channel independent sound card, which is connected to the computer through the USB interface, and there is a 3.5mm interface on it to connect the headset, so that a complete set of gaming headsets can be built, and the headset is on-line. There are microphone switch, volume addition and subtraction and light switch, and the line control on the earphone form a multi-functional dual-line control, which meets the needs of users in different scenarios such as mobile phones/computers, which greatly facilitates our daily use.

In addition, this external sound card uses a back-clamping method. We can put the sound card on the table or clip it on the clothes, which greatly improves our daily operations and is very convenient.

In addition, this sound card can turn on a virtual 7.1 channel, which can achieve a full range of 8 surround occurrence points, so that the headset can achieve the sound effects of the cinema version. In the actual game, it can also accurately locate the enemy’s direction, so that we can find out as soon as possible. The enemy should make a countermeasure and counterattack in time.

In terms of sound effects, the Pennefather VM150S in-ear headphones use a 10mm moving coil unit, which can give players an excellent audio experience. After being tuned by professional engineers, the headphones have excellent resolution, stable low frequencies and clear high frequencies. In actual experience, It can accurately distinguish the various musical instruments in the music. This headset can not only be used for playing games, but also can handle most of the current movies and music appreciation.

In addition, Rapoo also designed a dedicated driver for VM150S. Users can download it on the official website. In the driver, we can adjust the volume of the headset and adjust the mode of the headset, including Hi-Fi mode and movies. Mode, Eating Chicken Mode and Custom Mode, to meet the different requirements of users for sound effects in different scenarios, and the driver interface is simple, very easy to use, easy to use, and very convenient for daily use.

Not only that, when the driver is turned on, the virtual 7.1 channel is automatically turned on. Whether we are playing games or listening to music, we can achieve the best sound effects.

In addition to the independent sound card, a two-way frequency cable included in the headset package can also convert the 3.5 headset signal into two independent sound and microphone signals, which is better compatible with PCs and other devices, and is more convenient for daily use.

The Pennefather VM150S in-ear gaming headset uses an independent plug-in microphone and a 7.1-channel sound card, which allows us to get a better sound experience in the game. At the same time, the ergonomic cochlear design also allows the headset to fit better. It fits our ears to ensure long-term wearing comfort, while also effectively isolating external noises and bringing better audio effects. At the same time, the earphone’s compact body design makes it feel free to wear, which is very suitable for players who pursue a light experience. , So you can completely say goodbye to the surrounded sponge earplugs, and the gaming experience is even better.

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