Apple AirPods Max ear cushions on sale: CNY 499, five colors available

On December 8, 2020, Apple announced the launch of the headset AirPods Max, the main features include high-fidelity audio, adaptive equalizer, active noise reduction and spatial audio, the price is CNY4399.

This product has five beautiful colors: space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink.

If you want to change the color and wear it daily, you can consider AirPods Max ear cushions, which are now available on Apple’s official website. You can change your taste for CNY499.

It is understood that Apple AirPods Max ear pads have five colors, namely silver, black, green, sky blue, and pink, which correspond to the five colors of the AirPods Max headset body.

The ear pads are made of similar textile materials and are magnetically attached to AirPods Max. Of course, only the position of the ear pads is changed in color, while the AirPods Max of different colors is color changed throughout. There is still a significant difference between the two.

Each ear pad of AirPods Max is equipped with an Apple-designed H1 chip. With the support of custom acoustic design and advanced software, AirPods Max provides a high-quality listening experience by calculating audio.

The H1 chip has 10 audio cores and can perform 9 billion operations per second, enabling computational audio to achieve functions such as adaptive equalization, active noise reduction, transparent mode, and spatial audio.

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