Apple Car: Released in 2025 at the earliest, it will be very expensive!

The news that Apple wants to build a car has been rumored many times before. For them, of course, it is this strength, whether it is R&D or funding.

The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has the first brother of Apple broke the news, gave the latest report showing that Apple will release Apple Car as soon as 2025, and its positioning will be very high-end.

Guo Mingchi pointed out in the report that based on past experience, it takes about 18-24 months for the new iPhone to go from the initial specification definition to mass production.

Looking at the car’s longer development time, higher verification specifications, more complex supply chain management, and a completely different sales and after-sales service system, if Apple, which lacks car manufacturing experience, wants to release the Apple Car in 2025, the timeline is already comparable. urgent.

In terms of supply chain, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Hon Hai Group generally lacks a large number of experience in shipping electric vehicles, so it will take at least 2-4 years of continuous investment to see initial results.

The market is too optimistic about the Apple Car orders of companies such as Hon Hai and Hongzhun. Among the Hon Hai Group, only Hong Teng Precision is the one with better visibility of Apple Car orders.

Guo Mingchi also revealed that Apple Car will be positioned as a very high-end model, and the price and component cost will be significantly higher than that of ordinary electric vehicles.

Previously, Cook said in an interview that Apple “likes to work in product directions that require a combination of hardware, software, and services.” “We believe that magic will happen at that intersection.”

He also explained that Apple’s current product portfolio still has growth opportunities. If you look at the current product mix, in a very large market, Apple’s share is still relatively low. He thinks that Apple has a good advantage in this area, and it also has an advantage in the service area. Apple has been working hard for a while, and launched (product development) last year and last year.

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