Apple glasses patent exposure: can detect when users are distracted

I believe that many people have imagined that one day they can use high-tech equipment to achieve “superhuman” abilities like humans in science fiction films. With the continuous upgrading and iteration of technology, the high technology of science fiction films may be available Implemented in wearable devices.

Recently, it was reported that a new patent on Apple glasses was discovered in one of Apple’s latest exposed patents.

The patent stated that Apple glasses may adopt a system that can detect and record human pupil dilation, thereby changing the brightness of the glasses, providing a comfortable viewing experience, and monitoring user attention.

In addition, Apple Glasses can also track users’ glasses and evaluate the specific types of physiological reactions of users watching content.

Apple said that when users watch content through mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, the glasses can provide users with better quality and more personalized content recommendations based on the status reflected by the user when viewing the content.

Not only that, Apple glasses detect user status through changes in pupil size, for example, remind users to rest.

It is worth mentioning that this technology will provide real-time status detection for long-distance drivers and reduce traffic accidents due to fatigue driving.

Not long ago, news pointed out that Appleā€™s AR glasses have now entered the second stage of development.

At the same time, a recent research report pointed out that Apple plans to launch a number of new products in 2021.

In addition to the new AirPods, Mini-LED screen iPad and other devices, it is also expected to release the first AR device this year. According to speculation, the device is officially the long-rumored Apple AR glasses.

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