Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. postpone the release of the “Matter” smart home standard until 2022

Manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Amazon previously participated in the “Connected Standards Alliance” (CSA) and plan to release a new set of smart home interconnection standards “Matter”.

According to foreign media MacRumors, according to a blog post published today by the Connectivity Standards Alliance including Apple, Google and Amazon, the alliance announced that it will postpone the publication of its “Matter” standard until 2022.

The alliance previously planned to announce the “Matter” smart home standard in the second half of 2021.

The alliance stated that the functional setting of the “Matter” standard has been completed, but it still needs to continue to study the procedures that developers can apply for certification and complete the SDK for developers.

IT Home understands that the “Matter” standard was born out of the CHIP (IP-based Smart Connected Home) project. This project is not intended to subvert smart homes technically, but to solve smart home communication protocol fragmentation, non-interoperability of platforms, and complex experience. The problem.

“Matter” is not only a set of protocol standards, but also a kind of “product certification”. A smart home product supports Matter, which means that it can access the three most mainstream platforms on the market and work with most mobile phones and smart speakers. interconnected.

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