Apple has been sued by antitrust lawsuits because Apple Watch heart rate monitoring does not support third-party apps

News on May 30 Apple’s Apple Watch smart watch has always been equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, which supports heart rate monitoring and provides early warning services. The latest sixth-generation watch also supports blood oxygen detection.

According to ubergizmo news, a US company AliveCor recently filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that its heart rate monitoring function is not open to third-party apps, so consumers cannot use better algorithms for monitoring.

AliveCor said that Apple’s move prevented third-party heart rate analysis applications from being more accurate than Apple’s built-in algorithms.

This company has launched the KardiaBand bracelet, which can not only monitor the heart rate, but also generate an electrocardiogram.

The company protested against Apple earlier this year and contacted the U.S. International Trade Commission, claiming that Apple’s heart rate monitoring algorithm infringed the company’s patents.

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