Apple is considering whether to remove the bangs on the iPhone 13

The birth of iPhone X in 2017 can be said to be mixed!

In order to increase the screen ratio of iPhone X as much as possible, Apple cancelled the Home button and fingerprint recognition for the first time, and instead adopted Face ID face recognition technology, so it had to open up an area at the top of the screen to place the front lens and The various sensors used to implement Face ID, so Liu Hai was born.

But what is unexpected is that this design, which has been complained and disgusted by countless players, has been rushed by major Android machine manufacturers. They are crazy to follow Apple’s Liu Haiping design. Since then, various special-shaped screens have also emerged in endlessly.

According to foreign media reports, Apple is testing a prototype without bangs internally. If this prototype can successfully become the iPhone of the future, then you may meet with you in 2022, which is the iPhone 13.

Earlier news said that the iPhone 12s is likely to use under-screen fingerprint technology, and this technology looks more like an iPhone without bangs.

If iPhone 13 really cancels the bangs, I wonder if the majority of Android manufacturers will follow up!

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