Apple may skip iPhone 13 completely due to superstition: iPhone 12s this year, iPhone 14 next year

Recently, news of iPhone 12s and iPhone 13 has flooded in. For some friends, it may be a bit confused.

The well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser said in the FPT program that Cook and Apple executives seem to be a little bit uncomfortable with the number 13, because of superstition, they may be obsessed with calling this year’s iPhone 12S.

Not only that, the number of 13 may be skipped directly, which is to say that iPhone 14 will be enabled next year.

In fact, since the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has no longer used “S” as a mobile phone suffix. Historically, S has always represented the same shape but a significant internal upgrade.

In terms of rumors, iPhone 12S upgrade points will include 120Hz LTPO display, new camera CMOS, smaller front bangs and so on.

Of course, 2021 will not be until February, and there are still more than half a year before Apple’s new product launches in September and October. Some things are difficult to conclude.

In addition, 13 is not non-existent in Apple’s product series, such as the A13 processor, such as 13-inch MacBook, etc. Please be cautious.

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