Apple MR headset rendering exposure: 8K screen

Not long ago, it was reported that Apple is developing a mixed reality headset. The device will be equipped with more than ten cameras for tracking hand movements. It will also use an ultra-high resolution 8K screen and eye tracking technology.

Not only that, but JPMorgan Chase speculates that the device will include a lidar scanner similar to the iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro.

Recently, the foreign designer Antonio De Rosa made a rendering of the product based on the current news about Apple’s mixed reality headset.

It is reported that the MR headset is codenamed “N301” within Apple, which can immerse the wearer in a completely virtual environment, similar to the environment of Oculus Quest.

At the same time, people familiar with the matter said that the current design of the product can also block peripheral vision and prevent external light from obstructing the wearer’s vision. In addition, the camera on the device can transmit real-world video through the headset and display it on the screen to the wearer. To create a mixed reality effect.

In terms of price, reports claim that Apple has commissioned Pegatron to assemble this device, which is priced at around US$3,000, which is equivalent to the price of Microsoft’s mixed reality headset HoloLens of US$3,500.

It is understood that mixed reality is a mixture of the physical world and the digital world, opening up the connection between humans, computers and the environment. This new reality is based on advances in computer vision, graphics processing capabilities, display technology, and input systems.

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