Apple released Powerbeats Pro special edition wireless earphones: classic monochrome

On the evening of January 25th, Appleā€™s brand Beats once again joined forces with the famous design brand Fragment Desig to jointly release a special edition Powerbeats Pro wireless headset.

The design style of this headset pays tribute to the ideas and principles of Fragment founder and Japanese trend godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara. It is stylish and simple, with a pure single tone. Available in ivory white, navy blue, glacier blue, cloud pink, lava red Six different styles including, black, etc.

The classic double lightning logo is printed on one earplug of the headset, and the FRGMT brand is printed on the other earplug. The charging box also has a double flash logo and a set of stickers.

The Powerbeats Pro special edition earphones are ergonomically designed and internally based on the new Apple H1 earphones. The new acoustic structure can output powerful and balanced sound effects, reproduce pure sound quality, bring clearer sound, and enhance the dynamic range.

There are also adjustable non-slip earhooks, four sizes of earplugs are available, the left and right earplugs are equipped with volume and song control buttons, the automatic play/pause sensor can detect whether the earplugs are in the ear, and it also supports answering calls.

Class 1 Bluetooth technology has wider coverage, less signal loss, supports Siri voice wake-up, and can connect to iPhone with one button.

The standard battery life is up to 9 hours, plus the charging box can be more than 24 hours, while charging for 5 minutes can play 1.5 hours, and charging for 15 minutes can play 4.5 hours.

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