Apple: There is no plan to merge iPad and Mac, the two major products will continue to upgrade and improve

When the iPad also uses the M1 processor and 16GB of RAM, does the gap with the Mac only leave the touch screen and operating system?

Although there have always been rumors of merging the two major product lines, Apple’s latest statement once again denies it.

Apple’s head of marketing Greg Joswiak said that this is not a “conspiracy” we are planning. He emphasized that Apple is just trying to create the best products in their respective fields.

Joswiak pointed out that, on the one hand, some people said that the iPad and Mac have a great conflict, that is, the similarity is very high, but there are others who have to decide whether to buy an iPad or a Mac.

Apple’s head of hardware John Ternus added that in Apple’s philosophy, there is no idea of ​​deliberately sacrificing one device in order to protect another device. To do so, do the best. Apple’s current plan is to continue to improve the two devices, and will not fall into the quarrel of the merger concept.

Of course, having said that, who can be 100% sure about the future? Besides, although Apple is a company focused on products and user experience, it still has a profitable foothold.

It is reported that the 2021 iPad Pro is equipped with M1 processor, up to 16GB RAM+2TB ROM, supports 5G network, USB 4.0 Type-C interface supports Thunderbolt 3 protocol, and 12.9-inch mini LED display.

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