Apple Watch Series 7 renderings released: right-angled edges, brand new green

According to Apple whistleblower Jon Prosser yesterday, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 will adopt a flat-edge design, similar to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and add a new green shell color version. Today, he released a rendering of the new watch.

Prosser said that one of the most noticeable new changes in Apple Watch Series 7 will be the straight edges. The current Apple Watch uses rounded curved edges, which are very similar to previous generations of iPhones. However, with the introduction of the iPhone 12, Apple has adopted a straight-edge design, and even the upcoming new MacBook Pro is expected to do the same.

Prosser also said that Apple may provide Apple Watch 7 in a variety of additional colors, including green, but it is not entirely certain.

Prosser shared the renderings of the upcoming watch, which he claimed were based on real pictures and CAD files he saw from a source. Prosser said that the display of the watch will remain the same, but he pointed out that he has heard that Apple is already testing a new Apple Watch prototype with a smaller frame and a larger display.

Prosser added that he only saw the design of the upcoming watch, not the specifications, because it is impossible to know whether the new watch will have new sensors and health features.

It is understood that Apple is rumored to be developing blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring functions for the future Apple Watch. In the 6 series, Apple introduced the blood oxygen tracking function. Previously, the ECG function was added to the 4 series Apple Watch. Apple is likely to continue to promote the health features of the watch, but what features the 7th series will bring is still unknown.

It’s worth noting that Prosser said that his source cannot say with certainty that this particular Apple Watch design is the 7 series, and may even be the Apple Watch Series 8 to be launched in 2022. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously reported that the 2021 Apple Watch will usher in a redesign.

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