Apple watchOS 8 is officially released: sleep breathing rate monitoring, chat can send GIF pictures

At the WWDC 2021 conference held tonight, Apple officially released a new system specifically designed for Apple Watch smart watches: watchOS 8. The new system enhances multiple built-in applications and adds a sleep breathing rate monitoring function.

The latest Apple Watch 6 generation currently supports heart rate, blood oxygen and other monitoring, as well as fall alarm, ECG monitoring and other functions. Apple’s new version of watchOS 8 has added a new indicator called “breathing rate.” This function can measure the number of breaths per minute during the user’s sleep, and display the daily status with the maximum and minimum values. If the user’s breathing rate is abnormal, Apple Watch will remind you. In the health app, users can see more accurate breathing data.

Regarding breathing, the “breathing” app of watchOS 8 has been enhanced to provide new animation effects to help users relax and reduce stress.

WatchOS 8 adds a mindfulness app. Mindfulness is a psychological skill. This app is guided by text and animation, which can help users concentrate and reduce anxiety through meditation and mindfulness exercises.

The Apple Fitness+ application on Apple Apple Watch has always been liked by users. Watching fitness videos can motivate users to perform a variety of training and stay healthy. This time watchOS 8 brings two new courses to Fitness+: Tai Chi and Pilates. Tai Chi’s soothing movements help to reduce stress and are known as “meditation in sports.” Pilates helps to practice balance and flexibility.

In addition, a new fitness course led by Jeanette Jenkins was also brought.

Fitness+ also provides a new version of the dynamic playlist suitable for sports, and users can choose from a list of multiple musicians.

IT Home has learned that the new features of the Fitness+ app will be officially launched later this month.

Apple said that Apple Watch users like the photo dial the most. The new version of watchOS 8 brings a new “portrait dial” function, which can intelligently extract the portrait from the background, automatically adjust the position, hide the time display under the character’s avatar, and obtain a vivid three-dimensional effect.

The user slides the scroll wheel on the right side of the dial interface, and the photo can be slowly zoomed in and out to obtain a similar dynamic effect.

In addition to the portrait dial function, the new system has also added “Featured Memories” and “Featured Photos” functions to collect commemorative photos so that users can recall the past. At the same time, clicking on the photo can be sent to friends via email or messaging app to review the past.

On the information input page, users not only support voice and handwriting input, but now they also support sending GIF images to friends. Users only need to enter a keyword and can choose from hundreds of popular GIFs.

Apple watchOS 8 also introduced a new version of the find item function, a new version of the timer and other functions. The new version of the weather app can issue warnings 1 hour before heavy precipitation; the redesigned music app can allow users to send to friends via email or message.

watchOS 8 is available to developers from now on, and a public beta version will be launched next month. The official version of watchOS 8 will be launched this fall, compatible with the third generation and above Apple Watch, and iPhone 6s or above mobile phones.

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