Apple wearable device new patent: glasses can analyze the heat and sweetness of food

Apple has been actively exploring technological innovations in AR/VR over the years. It has previously equipped Lidar in its product series such as iPhone and iPad to enhance its AR technology.

But Apple is not satisfied with this. At present, many sources have revealed that Apple is developing a variety of wearable AR/VR glasses devices.

Recently, some media exposed Apple’s latest patents on AR/VR devices, which showed that Apple will equip the device with an infrared sensing system.

The system can collect the spectral information of the target object through infrared sensors, and generate object data through the combination of multiple sensors. At the same time, it can display various information of the object in real time by comparing with the database information.

Interestingly, Apple wearable devices can recognize various information about food in real time through the system, including freshness, fat content, food type, sweetness, etc., so as to evaluate the maturity and caloric content of the food.

This food calorie recognition system can be said to be the best companion for weight loss users.

In addition, the system can identify most common objects in life, including plants, animals, food, paint, housing construction, automobiles, electronic equipment, furniture, etc., and analyze it through various sensors and database comparisons.

More importantly, the patent also shows that the system can also be used to monitor certain physical indicators of the user, such as breathing status, heart rate information, etc., which is conducive to the user’s real-time check of the health of themselves and their relatives and friends.

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