Apple will focus on launching HomePod mini, the first generation HomePod is discontinued

After Apple launched the HomePod mini last year, this small speaker has been quite popular, and it seems that many consumers have forgotten its predecessor: the existence of the large Apple HomePod speaker. Apple has now announced that the first generation of HomePod speakers will be discontinued and will continue to focus on the production of HomePod mini in the future.

The first version of the HomePod speaker was launched at the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This is a smart speaker that Apple has spent more than five years developing. At the beginning, Apple’s team established a development center near the Cupertino headquarters to concentrate on the development of HomePod. This center has a first-class acoustic development environment, no less than any top-notch audio development environment.

The first-generation HomePod used the same A8 processor and 6 speaker units as the iPhone 6, and also imported Apple Music and Siri voice assistants, which can give instructions directly through voice. It may be the smart speaker with the best sound quality ever. HomePod has a built-in large original woofer and 7 beam-forming tweeter arrays, which can bring deep, clean bass and rich treble performance, and the sound field feels more abundant and broad , And the built-in A8 processor and software technology can also reduce distortion.

Compared with the original HomePod, the much smaller HomePod mini is equipped with a full-range driver unit. The low frequency is completely incomparable with the HomePod. However, the HomePod mini can achieve optimal volume and volume with the addition of the Apple S5 processor and new software. Adjust the dynamic range of the sound.

However, the biggest problem with the original HomePod is price. When it was first launched for $349, it positioned it as a high-end home speaker, but most people don’t usually believe in how good a smart speaker can produce sound. Later, after the price was reduced to US$299, the threshold was indeed a little easier, but compared to the US$99 price of HomePod mini, it was obviously still too high.

Relatively speaking, HomePod mini has been very popular since its debut last fall. It has a good voice and an easy-to-use smart assistant.

Apple said, “We are focusing on the development of HomePod mini, and will stop production of the original HomePod. In the future, HomePod will continue to be sold in Apple online stores, Apple retail stores and Apple authorized distributors, while stocks last. Apple will pass Apple in the future. Care provides software updates, service and support to HomePod customers.”

Apparently, Apple has put all its future bets on the development of HomePod mini. This decision shows that they want to fill every room with “good enough” sound, and will not continue to develop a “good enough” sound. “Unbelievable” product with good sound. Although the original HomePod performed well in home smart speakers, it has never reached the level that can be used as a complete home theater substitute. Considering the professionalism of their development center in Cupertino, it seems a pity.

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