Apple’s spring conference launches AirTag, an anti-lost artifact: Durex has another copywriting

Durex, as a joke player in the marketing industry, has always hidden connotations in his copywriting, and he is good at catching every hot spot and launching themed posters.

This week, Apple held a spring new product launch. In addition to releasing iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 series purple, it also launched an anti-lost artifact AirTag.

Then Durex’s official Weibo took advantage of the popularity of Apple’s AirTag, and the official copy “This time foolproof” coincided with the main function of Apple’s AirTag.

It is reported that Apple AirTag is priced at CNY229. It can be put together with keys, backpacks, etc. If it is lost, users can retrieve it through Find My software.

Compared with other similar devices, AirTag has one biggest difference: When you lose something, you can rely on someone else’s iPhone to retrieve it.

Apple said that there are countless iOS, iPadOS, macOS activated devices around the world, combined with Bluetooth, even if they can not connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, users can still locate the missing device. For any iOS, iPadOS, macOS device, as long as the offline search function is turned on in the Find My settings, it can assist in the search.

This new product will be available for pre-sale at 8pm on April 23.

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