Are iPhone 12 Pro Max and S21 Ultra more resistant to drops? Samsung fiasco

In recent years, with the rapid development of the smart phone industry, various flagship phones with powerful configurations such as “super cups” and “bucket machines” have been born.

So while manufacturers are upgrading the core performance of their mobile phones, what is the degree of drop resistance of their phones?

Recently, PhoneBuff of the YouTube digital channel conducted a drop test on the two mainstream flagships of Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The test is divided into two stages. The first stage is divided into three types of drop methods: the back of the phone, the corners and the front.

The test results show that both the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra successfully passed the first two tests, and the two phones only showed slight paint peeling on the frame and back.

However, in the third frontal drop test, the Galaxy S21 Ultra showed a broken screen, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen was “undamaged.”

In the second stage, PhoneBuff increased the difficulty of the drop test and turned on the crazy 10 continuous drop mode.

With the increase in the number of drops, the damaged area of ​​the Galaxy S21 Ultra screen is also increasing, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen is still good after additional drop tests.

Some netizens said that this clear sound of landing is really distressing.

In the PhoneBuff drop test, the iPhone 12 Pro Max undoubtedly won the championship. Although the Galaxy S21 Ultra can still work normally after being “injured”, it is an expensive cost to fix it.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 12 Pro Max uses a super-ceramic panel on the front, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra uses Gorilla Victus glass on both sides.

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