ASUS launched a new wireless network card: support WiFi 6E+6GHz frequency

Entering 2021, many new digital products began to appear in batches. Following Intel’s new wireless network card product, Asustek also released a wireless network card that supports WiFi 6E-PCE-AXE58BT.

It is reported that the biggest highlight of the ASUS PCE-AXE58BT network card is that it supports 6GHz frequency, which can bring up to 1.2GHz bandwidth. Compared with the 5GHz frequency band, it can support more high-speed device connections.

In addition, it can provide 5G/6G connection speeds up to 2401Mbps, and in high frequency bands, ASUS PCE-AXE58BT network card can also provide 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM support. In other respects, the graphics card is equipped with PCIe x1 interface, the surface is covered with aluminum heat sink, and it comes with dual antennas.

It is worth mentioning that the ASUS PCE-AXE58BT network card also supports the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, which can support the independent transmission of the left and right channels of the stereo audio device. As for the price information, ASUS has yet to announce the price and time to market of the PCE-AXE58BT network card.

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