Aukey Touch RGB lights: one of the coolest lights

Aukey Touch RGB lights: one of the coolest lights

This 360-degree bedside lamp from Aukey is one of the coolest lamps on this list. First, control the three main lighting functions by touching the aluminum base.

Tap once to turn on the light, the second time you can adjust the brightness, and long tap to change the bulb color.

The warm white and color modes are different and full of energy, bringing vitality to the room that needs it. Before going to bed, adjust the light to blue to make it calm when you wake up in the morning.

If you are trapped indoors, please set it to green to bring a more natural and real feeling to the living space. If you want the bulb to choose for you, there is also an automatic loop mode.

Aukey lights take up almost the same space as Amazon Echo speakers. It is only 8.5 inches high and nearly 4 inches wide. Its compact size makes it easy to unplug and relocate this lamp in any room of the house.

We did find that if the power cord is not placed correctly, it may be a bit temperamental. You can avoid this problem by adjusting the Aukey lamp to avoid grabbing the wires.

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