Best laser printer recommendation for 2021: Brother HL-3170CDW

If you want to use a laser printer at home or office, Brother HL-3170CDW is a safe bet, a compact device that you can get at a reasonable price. This printer can complete work at a speed of 23ppm, and it can hold 250 sheets of paper; both of these factors make it a good choice for the office, because people may need to print a large number of documents without having to wait for others to finish their work.

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The printer is not only fast; it also supports double-sided printing of pages. No matter what you print, it looks good because it can print full-color documents at 600x2400dpi. Building Brothers HL-3170CDW is easy to use. In addition to Ethernet and USB 2.0 connections, it also supports wireless printing; users can connect to devices such as Android and Apple.

The HL-3170CDW measures 16.1 inches by 18.3 inches by 9.4 inches by 39 pounds, and is quite large and robust for entry-level laser-level printers (it uses LED technology to produce basically the same results). The height is more due to the stacked toner/drum system than the 250-sheet paper tray installed at the bottom. A 100-page output tray and a single-page manual feeder for envelopes and glossy photo paper are also integrated on the top of the device. The machine automatically prints on both sides.

When some color printers run out of one color, they will complain, but continue to print. This is not the case with HL-3170CDW: when you run out of any of the four colors, it will not print. If you really need to print something and there is no excess toner, then this may be a problem. Better warnings and sub-optimal printouts instead of no printouts at all. Brothers need to reconsider this.

There is no need to do a lot of things with the control panel on a single-function printer, because most people rarely use them after the setup is over. (Multifunction is another matter.) But the control panel of HL-3170CDW can definitely use dedicated menu buttons. Using the “OK” button for this is unintuitive and awkward, and unnecessary corner cutting. Otherwise, a single-line monochrome LCD display and controls are simple enough. The installation of HL-3170CDW is very easy. The device has USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. There is a complete set of wireless and e-mail printing features, including AirPrint, and the PC and Mac driver dialogs provide many options.

It is commendable that Brother offers more competitive products than most competitors. The warranty period is only one year, but as long as you own the product, you will get free telephone support. The speed is very good. For text and spot colors, the print quality of HL-3170CDW is very good. Toner cost is about average. At this price, it provides a good color laser experience without causing you trouble in the future. However, if you want the best deal in this price range, business inkjet printers have more features.

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