Black Shark Split E-sports Mobile Game Shoulder Buttons on Sale: Only CNY39

On February 8th, the Black Shark fan festival was officially held in December last year. A variety of peripheral accessories were launched at the same time, including the Black Shark split e-sports mobile game shoulder button and the Black Shark dual-port 30W fast charge charger.

Yesterday, the official Weibo of Black Shark Peripherals announced that the Black Shark split e-sports mobile game shoulder button has been officially launched on the Black Shark Mall, priced at CNY39.

It should be noted that this peripheral product is currently only available on Black Shark Mall, and other cooperative e-commerce platforms will be launched in the later period.

The black shark split-style e-sports mobile game shoulder keys, the overall style and texture are consistent with the original.

In terms of design, the new model adopts a gull-wing separation two-way design. There is a button on the left and right, which can map a game function. Two combinations can be purchased, or only one can be used. Changing the left and right hands only needs to change the position of the shoulder buttons.

In addition, because the previous generation of shoulder keys are of integrated design, the distance between the left and right keys is fixed and cannot be adjusted. There will be a problem of blocking the keys of the mobile phone, and it cannot be suitable for everyone’s palm size.

The new generation of Black Shark split e-sports mobile game shoulder keys can be freely installed to the user’s most suitable position, and feel more comfortable.

At the same time, the shoulder button is compatible with mainstream Apple Android models. Because it uses pure physical mapping, it does not need to be charged and is ready to use, which is very convenient.

It is worth noting that a new Black Shark model PRS-A0 has recently been launched on the Internet and has caused heated discussions among netizens.

It is understood that the Black Shark PRS-A0 will use an OLED high-resolution screen with a resolution of 2400*1080 and a sm8250 processor. The mass production machine is expected to be equipped with the newly installed sm8250 ac, which is the second flagship chip released by Qualcomm not long ago. Xiaolong 870.

The phone will also become the first flagship gaming phone, which is worth looking forward to.

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