Blood Hand Ghost M70 True Wireless Headphones Hardcore Gamer Equipment

In the current earphone market, true wireless earphones are undoubtedly the one with the most attention and the highest sales. The design without the headphone cable and the advantages of super convenience, etc., make the true wireless headphones sit on the throne of the headphone market sales king. But for those Gamers who like mobile games, it is really not easy to find an ultra-low latency e-sports true wireless headset specifically designed for gaming experience among many true wireless headsets. The appearance of Bloodhand Ghost M70 solved this problem well.

Every game player is well aware of the importance of ultra-low latency. Whether it is network latency or sound transmission latency, as long as the latency is slightly higher, you will lose your initiative in the game. Bloodhand Ghost also knows that the lower the sound transmission delay, the better the game experience for players. Therefore, the Bloodhand Ghost M70 achieves a 60ms ultra-low latency. How does this happen? Bloodhand Ghost M70 not only supports Bluetooth 5.0, but also carries a new generation of non-inductive delay chip. With the support of high-end technology, the average delay of Bloodhand Ghost M70 eating chicken is less than 60ms, 1000ms=1 second. Although there is still a delay, the ultra-low delay of 60ms will not affect the game operation in any way. This ultra-low latency performance can be said to be the best level among true wireless headsets, and it can bring an excellent gaming experience to the majority of Gmaer.

Another point worth mentioning is that after the Blood Hand Ghost M70 switches to the game mode, the delay is not only as low as 60ms, but also the game sound effect is automatically turned on. The game sound effects of this headset are carefully adjusted by the peace elite world champion AgFOX team through hundreds of times. The footsteps/car sounds are particularly clear, and the listening position is super accurate. In the mobile game, the actual performance of the blood hand ghost M70 is remarkable. When I am hiding in the room, wearing this headset can clearly hear the footsteps of the surrounding enemies, and can accurately distinguish the sound of footsteps. After determining the direction and the approximate distance, you can accurately and quickly control the enemy with one move, so that you can get a better ranking in the game.

The design of the Bloodhand Ghost M70 is very cool, and people can tell at a glance that this is a true wireless headset that focuses on gaming. The all-black color scheme and very tough lines make this headset look full of muscle. The Blood Hand Ghost M70 is also designed with two large LED strips on both sides of the charging box, which can be said to be the finishing touch of this headset. The wearing experience of this headset is also commendable. With the ultra-light weight of 4.3g and the semi-in-ear ergonomic design, there will be no discomfort even if you wear this headset for a long time to play games.

This headset also supports IPX4 waterproof level. Under this level of waterproof level, there is no need to worry about sweat or rain damage to the headset during exercise. In terms of battery life. The Blood Hand Ghost M70 can provide 6 hours of music playback when a single earphone is fully charged, and can get 24 hours of comprehensive battery life when used with a charging box. After the game mode is turned on, this headset will not lose power too quickly.

The performance of this headset is very satisfying. The Blood Hand Ghost M70 gaming true wireless headset can be said to be the only choice for mobile game players.

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