Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ultra-low latency, rapoo VM700 true wireless gaming headset experience evaluation

Compared with traditional Bluetooth headsets, TWS true wireless earphones are lighter in size and can be used independently, which greatly facilitates our daily use. At the same time, with the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack of the mobile phone headset, true wireless Bluetooth Headphones have basically become the standard equipment of smartphones.

Today’s true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology Bluetooth headset VM700 from rapoo designed for gamers, this headset uses the latest gaming style design language, at the same time excellent sound quality and ultra-low latency, very suitable for mobile game players to choose , Let’s take a look at this VM700 gaming headset!

Unpacking: classic rapoo style, black cool packaging, full of texture

In terms of packaging, we can see that the packaging of the rapoo VM700 true wireless Bluetooth headset basically continues the classic rapoo design. On the front of the package is the actual rendering of the product, which is printed in 3D color, and the texture and visual effects are very good. At the same time, the iconic rapoo blue and black blend well, and the overall performance is very good.

At the bottom of the package is the model of the product VM700, as well as the aptX logo, which supports Qualcomm’s protocol, which can effectively reduce the delay and have more bandwidth, so that the entire headset will not be out of sync.

Appearance: The charging compartment is small and round, and feels good

Opening the box, we can see the charging compartment of this headset. The entire charging compartment is 45*27*27mm in size, and the figure is very small. At the same time, the top of the charging compartment is the rapoo brand LOGO, and the front of the charging compartment is equipped with 4 indicator lights. Used to display power and standby status.

In addition, the shape of the entire charging compartment is very round, and the hand feels very good. At the same time, the rear of the charging box is a Type-C charging interface. When the charging compartment is fully charged, it can provide about 6 additional times for the headset. Recharge, so that the total battery life of the entire headset can reach 30 hours, which is far beyond the current true wireless headsets of the same level on the market, and the performance is very good.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology, lower latency, aptX technology blessing, stable link, never continuous connection

rapoo VM700 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Compared with the previous generation of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 5.0 can provide an extremely stable connection. In our actual experience, this headset does not appear to be disconnected, and in terms of latency, this I hardly felt any delay with the headset. Whether it was a daily chase or an intense e-sports game, this headset performed well. In the game of Peace Elite, when a gun was shot in the game, the flames appeared. The gunshot can be heard in an instant, and the game experience is excellent.

In addition, this headset also supports aptX sound effects, can achieve high compression rate, broadband decoding, data transmission efficiency is higher, more stable, whether it is music or games, both perform well.

6mm neodymium speaker, excellent bass, precise positioning and excellent daily experience

The VM700 headset uses the latest neodymium speaker, and the 6mm large unit can provide good sound quality. In the actual experience, the three-band of this headset is relatively balanced, especially the bass performance is excellent, the dive is sufficient, and it can fully meet the daily needs Music, drama, and game requirements, and at the same time can provide a relatively good positioning in the game, so that we can find the enemy faster, identify the direction, and kill accurately during the game process.

This headset is also designed with rapoo’s exclusive LOGO lighting effect, while taking into account the breathing light effect, green backlight, can provide players with a better gaming atmosphere.

In terms of operation, this headset uses an intangible touch button operation. You only need to touch the headset lightly to achieve various operations, which is very convenient for daily use.

The rapoo VM700 has a cool style, and the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology, with very low latency. Whether it is daily listening to music or playing games, it is very good. Not only that, this headset also has rapoo exclusive colorful lights, which is very cool and can be used for Players create a good gaming atmosphere, and this headset is easy to touch and operate, and it is convenient for daily use. On the whole, it is a very cost-effective true wireless Bluetooth gaming headset.

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