Classic return: Nokia 3650 re-engraved version exposed

Under the management of HMD, many classic Nokia brand mobile phones have returned to the market in the form of replicas. For those users who have no love for smart phones with complicated functions, it can be said to be both nostalgic and practical.

A few days ago, there was news that the new replica of the Nokia brand will be 3650.

Nokia 3650 was released in 2003 and received mixed reviews.

Seeing its shape, I’m afraid you can guess it. The circular layout of 9 keys makes it look so special or strange in that era. After all, people who type on T9 to form muscle memory have to adapt to the new button layout.

When it was released, the Nokia 3650 used a 21-inch 176×208 resolution TFT display, a rear VGA camera and an 850mAh battery. It is guessed that the re-engraved version will use a larger and higher-resolution screen, support 4G network, and carry KaiOS system.

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