CNY249, Xiaomi Youpin Zero Blu-ray Music Atmosphere Light Starts Crowdfunding

Sleeping afraid of the dark, turning on the light is too bright, but not turning on and unable to sleep, have you ever been bothered by these situations when you are afraid of darkness?

Today, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a zero-blue music atmosphere light in crowdfunding. Unlike ordinary ambient lights, this zero-blue music atmosphere light can be used as a small lamp and also has a music box function.

It is reported that this ambient light can provide warm light that does not hurt the eyes and help sleep, and can also play white noise to help sleep. The original price is CNY 499, and the current crowdfunding price is CNY 249. It is available in amber and smoky gray.

It is understood that the blue light hazards of most LED lighting products have become increasingly prominent. Blue light components will affect the activity of retinal cells and inhibit the secretion of melatonin at night, which not only damages strength, but also affects sleep.

The internal LED light source of the zero blue music atmosphere lamp was developed by the academician team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nanchang University. It uses a silicon substrate high-efficiency yellow LED as the core to realize a pure LED light source without phosphors and low color temperature.

In addition, the ambient light source has a color temperature of 1700-1900K, which is a long-wave band in the spectrum, which can truly achieve zero blue light without hurting the eyes.

It is worth mentioning that the zero-blue music atmosphere light adopts an independent sound cavity design, which can bring excellent medium and high frequency performance. At the same time, it supports connecting mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices with Bluetooth function to play music.

Not only that, the ambient light is connected to the Mijia APP, which can switch between four modes, including reading mode, sleeping/sleeping mode, candle light mode, and custom scenes.

For consumers who like outdoor camping, the zero blue music atmosphere light also supports the use of power banks, so there is no need to worry about space restrictions.

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