CNY69 is low in history! Tmall Elf Sugar R smart speaker price cut

Alibaba’s Tmall Elf Sugar R smart speaker is on sale. The original price is CNY199, but now the price is only CNY69.

Sugar cube is the youngest series of Tmall Elf family products with the youngest design language. Sugar cube R takes the meaning of Rainbow and aims to express the proposition of “technologically cool and unleashing youthful power” through colorful appearance, cool functions and individual design language. .

The Tmall Elf Sugar R speaker was released in April 2019. The body adopts a pop design. The Tmall Elf dot matrix logo is integrated into the front panel of the fuselage. There are three color versions: C-position yellow, 66 red, and red duck white.

In terms of functions, the Tmall Elf Sugar R speaker provides multiple functions such as smart call, nearby wake-up, music playback, IoT control, voiceprint shopping, parent-child education, and life assistants.

At present, Tmall Elf Sugar R can connect to more than 40 categories, more than 600 brands, and more than 2,100 types of smart devices, covering more than 70% of smart devices, and you can control all home appliances with your mouth.

Used with voice infrared remote control, massive home appliances can be controlled by voice in seconds, and independent infrared learning covers 6500 brands.

It is worth mentioning that users can make free calls between speakers and speakers/APP after adding contacts to the Tmall Wizard APP address book.

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