Delivery time has exceeded one month! Cook said AirPods Max will be out of stock on a large scale in the future

On December 15, 2020, Apple officially launched the first head-mounted wireless noise-cancelling headphones-AirPods Max through an online press conference.

Once the product was launched, it caused intense discussions in the scientific and technological circles. Apple once again demonstrated its control over the product, and achieved the ultimate in the functions, experience and texture of AirPods Max, but at the same time the price of CNY4399 has exceeded everyone’s expected.

However, according to the latest report from 9to5 Mac, although AirPods Max has a very high price, it will be difficult for consumers to buy this headset for a long time in the future.

Delivery time has exceeded one month! Cook said AirPods Max will be out of stock on a large scale in the future
Tim Cook says AirPods Max will face a massive shortage

According to reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview with the media that the supply of AirPods Max is expected to be very short in the next few months. If consumers order from the official website now, they will not receive the product until the end of February at the earliest.

Cook said that AirPods Max has been in short supply since it was released in December, but he revealed that some offline stores still have stock in stock, and users who need to buy can go to consult.

It is worth noting that although the current shortage is very tight, it may just be the insufficient capacity of the supply chain, which has nothing to do with its product strength.

Because although this headset has been praised by many users for its excellent texture and excellent noise reduction since its release, it still conceals the major shortcomings that are not in AirPods Max.

One of the reasons is that the product weighs more than half a catty, which makes users experience various discomforts and even dizziness after a certain period of use.

In addition, many users complained that the design of AirPods Max has major problems. When used in cold winter, it will cause a lot of water droplets inside the earmuffs, and will flow into the driver, causing various problems such as ear detection failure.

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