Exposure to Sony PS5 or rebuild: upgrade 6nm process chip

According to the latest news from DigiTimes, Sony plans to upgrade the PS5 chip process, from the current 7nm process to a 6nm process, and the new process will also increase the transistor density of the machine by about 18% and effectively reduce the manufacturing cost of the chip. Thereby pulling up the profit level of PS5.

It is reported that the current global PS5 is equipped with AMD’s 7nm APU chip, Sony has been selling at a loss, and the current global sales of this device is very outstanding, has sold 7.8 million units, which means Sony’s loss It is constantly expanding.

Therefore, even if the new technology adopted by PS5 reduces the cost of a few dollars intelligently, it can recover huge losses for Sony and even achieve profitability.

On the eve of the launch of the new PS5, this news can be said to be very embarrassing for users. For a while, they don’t know if they should start, but in fact, users who are planning to buy don’t need to care too much, because 6nm is an upgrade compared to 7nm. , Does not bring stronger performance, Sony also changed the chip entirely for cost reasons.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to celebrate the release of PS5, Sony also specially planned a launch celebration. It will invite 600 loyal PlayStation players to gather at the Shanghai West Bund Art Center to experience the charm of the next generation of games on site. Interested users You can go to Sony’s official WeChat account for details.


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