Facebook hardware leader: smart glasses with cameras will become the norm in 10 years

Recently, after the release of Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook’s first smart glasses collaboration product with Luxottica, Facebook’s head of hardware business Andrew Bosworth said in a conversation with Rocco Basilico, chief wearable device officer of Essilor Luxottica, that the camera function will be available on Friday. Become the standard configuration of smart glasses within ten years.

Obviously, he wants to highlight the special feature of Ray-Ban smart glasses that can use a small camera to take photos and videos by pressing a button or voice commands.

Although smart glasses are still a niche product, they have made great strides in the technology industry.

As early as 2012, Google launched the first smart glasses product-Google Glass, which looks completely different from ordinary glasses. The device does not have lenses, but uses a small prism to reflect the augmented reality image in front of the user’s eyes. The glasses also include a camera sensor that can take photos and videos.

Although this is a highly creative product, at the time, Google Glass caused strong opposition from many users. They are worried about their privacy infringement, because Google Glass does not remind other users when it uses the camera function.

Snap officially entered the smart glasses market with Spectacles in 2016. From the material point of view, this is a pair of plastic glasses, but at any corner of the frame, it is equipped with two conspicuous cameras, users can use this to take photos and videos. .

In May of this year, Snap released the fourth generation of Spectacles. The feature of this series of new glasses products is that it is equipped with a lens display that can display images, which can realize the placement of AR images into the real world from the user’s perspective. So far, Snap has distributed the latest Spectacles to a select group of social media content creators.

There is no doubt that smart glasses products are quietly participating in the transformation of the digital age. Equipping with camera sensors is also a necessary trend. It can not only help users realize photography and video recording more quickly, but also allows AI to recognize the outside world more clearly.

Perhaps this feature will still be refuted by many radical consumers for a long time, but for now, smart glasses need cameras to help them grow and gain more users’ recognition.

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