First sale of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at CNY1299: support for intelligent active noise reduction

At the recent Samsung National Bank Galaxy S21 series new product launch conference, Samsung not only brought consumers the new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S21 series, but also officially launched the new wireless headset Galaxy Buds Pro.

This Galaxy Buds Pro, which is a good partner of S21, has started its first sale today, priced at CNY1299. Interested netizens can purchase it through Samsung Mall and cooperative e-commerce platforms.

It is understood that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro focuses on three selling points: intelligent active noise reduction, immersive sound effects and seamless connection of dual devices.

Among them, the intelligent active noise reduction can filter up to 99% of the background noise, and it can also adjust the active noise reduction level to increase or decrease the external sound.

For example, in a noisy outdoor, adjust to a high level of noise reduction, in a quiet library, you can use a low level of noise reduction, without changing the music volume.

At the same time, when the headset detects the wearer’s voice, it can also automatically switch from the active noise reduction mode to the ambient sound mode. The user can talk to others without adjusting the volume of the headset, making communication more convenient and efficient.

Not only that, but Galaxy Buds Pro is also remarkable in terms of sound effects.

The headset is equipped with an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm tweeter dual speaker. After AKG’s professional training, both the treble and the bass are displayed through the headset.

For calls, it is equipped with three sets of microphones and a voice pickup (VPU), which can better separate human voices and background sounds, ensuring that users clearly obtain the required sound information.

It is reported that Galaxy Buds Pro offers three styles: Youye Black, Brahma Dream Purple and Fantasy Silver. The battery life can be up to 5 hours when the active noise reduction is turned on. It can also provide an additional 13 hours of battery life when used with the charging box.

Of course, the S21 series is also available for sale with the Galaxy Buds Pro, with a starting price of CNY4999.

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