Fitbit Charge 5 smart bracelet renderings exposed: rounded corners screen, a variety of new colors

Google’s brand Fitbit is about to launch a new version of the smart bracelet Fitbit Charge 5. According to foreign media 9to5google, the rendering of the product was exposed today.

The new version of the bracelet continues the rectangular screen shape of the previous generation, but the joint between the body and the wristband is more smooth, and the screen and glass cover are changed to rounded corners, which is more fashionable and beautiful.

The bracelet will contain black, gold, blue and gray colors, and the end of the wristband can be stored inward to prevent it from falling off during use. It is worth noting that the date displayed on the bracelet is October 23, which may be the official release date of the product.

IT Home understands that the Fitbit Charge 4 currently on sale supports heart rate, sleep monitoring, built-in GPS function, and battery life up to 7 days. The new version of the bracelet is also expected to support the current popular blood oxygen monitoring function.

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