Fluorite releases smart camera C6: Support algorithm store, with super-sensing function

News on June 9th 2021 EZVIZ Safe Smart Life Festival kicks off with the theme of “Safe Home, Happiness+”. This is a three-day event that integrates intelligent evolution of new products, full-stack cloud services, and celebrities all over the world. Live events.

At today’s event, the EZVIZ Cloud Video App officially released version 6.0, and also released the smart home camera super-sensing version C6.

Following the main form of C6Wi, C6 has made a new breakthrough, creating a strong sense of unity, simple and compact design style, which is easier to integrate into the home environment, and the dormant expression provides a strong sense of interaction and peace of mind.

Fluorite C6 is called the super-sensing version because it has a variety of environmental perception functions and can judge changes in the environment through sight and hearing.

The new C6 uses fluorite custom SoC, adopts a new heterogeneous parallel architecture, supports CNN hardware acceleration, and its architecture can support the efficient parallel operation of multiple functional algorithms. This provides a good way for users to freely configure intelligent algorithms and control computing power. Foundation.

With the release of App 6.0, EZVIZ new C6 supports EZVIZ algorithm store, users can download, open and close the corresponding intelligent algorithm application through EZVIZ algorithm store to match different application requirements in different scenarios, such as smoke detection It is used for fire prevention; crying detection is used for child care; fall recognition is used for elderly care and so on.

At present, the Fluorite Smart Home Camera Super Perception Edition C6 supports six algorithm applications such as different sound perception, different light perception, pet detection, face recognition, firework perception, and gesture recognition. In addition to these applications, the algorithm store will have more algorithms under development, and will continue to provide users with update services in the future. After the algorithm functions are online, users can download and use them.

After collecting smart information, EZVIZ C6 will be stored locally along with the video, which becomes an attribute describing the video. At the same time, the video will be further classified through these information devices, and the corresponding can be filtered through the EZVIZ Cloud App Video clips for more effective playback. Users can use App 6.0’s video search function and specify the corresponding search criteria to quickly search for related videos, such as searching for images of pets and faces.

In terms of hardware, the Fluorite C6 is equipped with a 2K starlight sensor with an F1.6 aperture. It can output smooth and smear-free color images in a 0.1lux ultra-low light environment. At the same time, it optimizes the intelligent noise reduction algorithm to ensure clear and smooth images. Without smear, the noise is lower. In addition, the dual-mic acoustic beamforming noise reduction extended distance, 10-meter sound pickup, and high-fidelity speakers bring a super-perceptual intercom experience to the C6.

In addition, Fluorite also launched a new generation of indoor battery camera BC2, called the small cube. It is very suitable for some corners in the family where it is difficult to get electricity, such as the corridors and entrances outside the door; or for temporary business trips to increase the monitoring position. It has a built-in 1080P ultra-clear sensor and is powered by a 2000mAh lithium battery. In the super power saving mode, it can stand by for 140 days, and it can be used for 5 minutes per day for 36 days. Its design is exquisite and easy to install. The sticky base and magnetic suction can be installed in various scenes.

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