Folding screen iPhone is on its way: LG will develop a foldable display for Apple

At present, mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola have successively launched their own folding screen flagship mobile phones, but the mobile phone giant, Apple, has been quiet.

Recently, some media said that Apple has commissioned LG Display, a major manufacturer in the display field, to develop foldable panels for it to prepare for the upcoming new flagship.

According to industry insiders, LG Display will assist Apple in the development of folding screen mobile phone screens. However, it is currently unclear whether LG Display will become Apple’s mass production manufacturer after it develops folding screen panels.

Earlier news pointed out that Samsung was a supplier of Apple’s folding screens and provided Apple with a variety of folding screen samples for testing last year.

It is worth noting that Omdia, an authoritative research organization for global communications and digital media, recently stated that Apple is expected to launch its first folding screen iPhone in 2023.

It is reported that the folding screen iPhone will be equipped with a 7.3-7.6-inch foldable flexible OLED screen and will support Apple Pencil.

In addition, Apple will adopt a flip-up design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which will reduce the overall size of the phone by folding the screen to enhance its portability.

It is worth mentioning that there is news that Apple has developed a new hinge technology that can hide the hinge almost perfectly inside the fuselage.

Compared with the design of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip exposed to the outside, Apple’s new hinge technology can make the phone more coordinated and complete in appearance, while preventing dust from entering the hinge and improving the durability of the hinge.

It is believed that with the gradual increase in the yield and production capacity of flexible screens, major mobile phone manufacturers will continue to make efforts to deploy in the field of folding screens.

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