Foreign companies launch emergency rescue services: use with Apple Watch’s fall detection function

News on May 26 According to AppleInsider, Telus Health has launched a security service in Canada that uses the fall detection function of Apple Watch to help vulnerable people.

This service, through the LivingWell Companion of Telus Health in Canada, can provide emergency testing services around the country all day long. In addition, the service does not only respond when it learns of an emergency, but uses a more proactive approach to help those in need.

By using the fall detection API, the Apple Watch application will detect whether the user has a serious fall. If a serious fall is detected, the user’s location will be sent to the Telus Health safety monitoring station, and the staff of the monitoring station will be dispatched urgently Support and contact the user’s emergency contact.

Juggy Sihota, vice president of Telus Health, said that Telus Health’s mission is to provide protection for the disadvantaged in Canada. The company strives to innovate technology and always puts patients first. Through the cooperation with Apple, Telus Health is proud to be the first company in Canada to change the way individuals respond to emergency situations.

Subscription to Telus Health’s service costs $30 a month. This service supports the use of Apple Watch Series 4 or later.

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