Four new Apple chips exposed! A15, A15X: The second generation 5nm energy consumption is better

A few days ago, data from the statistical agency SA showed that in the third quarter of last year, Apple’s revenue from smartphone APs (application processors, such as A13/A14, etc.) actually exceeded Qualcomm in the same period, ranking first in the world.

Such confidence is also one of the reasons why Apple decided to install a self-developed ARM chip for the Mac computer.

Reliable whistleblower Longhorn revealed four Apple SoC chips that are under development and are expected to debut soon. They are the T6000 and T6001 of the T600x family and the T8110 and T8112 of the T811x family.

Seeing these cold numbers, I am afraid you will be at a loss. Don’t worry, the code name of A14 Bionic is T8101 and the code name of M1 is T8103. When T8103 first appeared, everyone thought it was A14X, but this also confirmed that M1 was modified based on A14X.

Although Longhorn did not clarify the correspondence between these codes and specific chips, it is generally believed that T8110 and T8112 should be A15 and A15X respectively.

According to TSMC’s mass production progress, A15/A15X will be used on the iPhone 12S/13 models and iPad at the end of the year. The N5P process is the second-generation 5nm. Its performance at the process level has increased by 7% and power consumption has been further reduced by 15%.

As for the T600x, this is the first time I have seen it. It is likely to be more high-end. I am afraid that it corresponds to the M series processors used in 12-core, 16-core and other configurations of iMac and Mac Pro. It is said that the GPU in SoC is also very large.

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