Fully visualized operation, Su Nuo Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11 Pro bid farewell to oral problems

In busy work and life, brushing can only solve basic cleaning, but stubborn tea stains, smoke stains are not easy to clean, and dead corners between teeth, which are usually difficult to take care of when brushing your teeth. Long-term accumulation can lead to dental problems such as tartar, tartar, dental plaque, and the usual work rhythm is too fast to be lazy to go to the dental hospital to clean up, eventually causing oral problems. However, the emergence of Su Nuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11 Pro has completely solved the pain points of these people, allowing you to clean your teeth regularly at home.

What is the difference between the product of Su Nuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11 Pro and dental cleaning in dental hospitals? In fact, the cleaning principles of the two are similar. Both use ultrasound to clean the teeth, and use high-frequency vibration to make the dirt fall off automatically. And the dental scaler T11 Pro also has a special function. It does not need one-to-one service like a dental hospital doctor, and it can completely self-clean.

Sunuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11 Pro out of the box

Su Nuo is an innovative technology brand that focuses on consumers’ oral problems and provides cost-effective and cutting-edge oral care products. The aim is to enable consumers to have a healthy oral care experience.

Open the package of the scaler T11 Pro, you can see the T11 Pro, TypeC charging cable, manual, alcohol cotton pads and gifts.

The appearance of the dental scaler T11 Pro is basically the same as that of the current electric toothbrush. It adopts an extremely simple style, a pure white body, and a more affinity, giving people a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere as a whole.

For consumers who have never used dental prosthesis, they are always intimidated when they see sharp working tips. Therefore, T11Pro marked the words “Ultrasound has no shock and no harm to soft tissues (skin, gums)” on the host, eliminating the user’s fear. And the tip of T11 Pro is not rusty, anti-scaling, and it is very safe.

It is also very easy to use and operate. Long press the switch button to realize the work and stop of the host; short press the switch after the machine is turned on to adjust the cleaning mode. Sunuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro supports three modes:

Gentle mode: suitable for consumers who have just experienced the dental scaler, can gently remove tartar and tooth stains.

Whitening mode: removes stubborn tartar such as smoke stains, coffee stains, and tea stains.

Powerful mode: Remove formed dental calculus and clean teeth more powerfully.

Three different functions, fully meet the individual needs of different groups of people, and care for the oral health of the whole family.

Su Nuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11 Pro uses Type-C interface to charge, and supports fast charging, about 2 hours of full charge can last 60 days, it is still very powerful.

Compared with the embarrassing operation methods of traditional handheld dental scalers that need to be used in the mirror, Sunuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11 Pro is equipped with a high-precision macro endoscope, the camera is equipped with macro processing technology, and built-in multiple sensors. Intelligent software algorithm allows you to enjoy 500W high-definition pixel experience, and visualization makes cleaning teeth more intuitive and cleaner.

If you want to experience the visualized dental cleaning experience, you need to install the Sunuo APP first and proceed according to the software improvement. The operation is also very simple, so I won’t explain it here.

At present, most traditional dental scalers on the market use high-frequency pulsed water flow to clean the teeth. The vibration frequency is between 1200 times/minute and 1400 times/minute, and the cleaning effect is average. Sunuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11 Pro uses high-efficiency ultrasonic transducers and high-power transducers to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic kinetic energy to the greatest extent, bringing 42kHz over-frequency resonance, 200W subsonic vibration frequency per minute, transmitted through the working tip, It resonates in contact with the teeth, safely crushes tartars, and can safely clean up tooth stains to achieve powerful and efficient cleaning.

Throughout the use process, the image transmission is very stable and clear. Its built-in UAV dedicated Wi-Fi chip, through the chip image processing technology, 500W lens image high-speed Wi-Fi to the mobile phone, ensuring a good experience effect.

to sum up:

After a few days of using Suno Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler T11Pro, it is obvious that the calculus of some teeth is basically removed. It seems that brushing your teeth every day still can’t completely clean the foreign bodies in the oral cavity. You also need a tooth cleaning like T11 Pro. It is only necessary for the instrument to perform deep cleaning. With T11 Pro, you can make teeth whitening SPA at any time, and say goodbye to swollen and painful gums, bleeding gums, tooth stains, bad breath and other oral problems.

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