Game mechanical keyboard purchase: Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2

Corsair Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 mechanical keyboard, all functions are excellent. Anyone wants the best keyboard to complete various tasks from games to daily work. It has a sturdy design, mechanical keys for feel and response, customizable options, excellent media controls, and RGB lighting. The second-generation Corsair Strafe keyboard has more functions.

The mechanical keyboard is equipped with a Cherry MX switch, which includes gold contacts for maximum accuracy and can be replaced if damaged. There are multiple buttons and customization options for RGB lighting. If you want to switch between different settings for different games, the onboard 8MB storage space can save data in multiple different configuration files.

There are multimedia and volume controls at the top for instant adjustments, and a convenient USB pass-through port to connect a mouse or headset directly to the keyboard. It even has a comfortable wrist rest for long typing or gaming. The Corsair Strike 2 has all the features we like to see on the keyboard, top quality and excellent usability.

Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 is an excellent gaming keyboard. It is compatible with Corsair iCUE software, which allows you to customize the RGB backlight and set macros for any keys you need. It also has many additional functions such as dedicated media keys, volume control wheels and USB pass-through. The Cherry MX Red switch on our device feels light when pressed and provides a good typing experience, but the Cherry MX Silent switch can also be used. Although the wrist is hard, typing is comfortable. It feels good and has minimal flexibility, but ABS plastic keycaps feel cheaper.

Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 is very suitable for games. It feels good and comfortable, and you can customize the RGB lighting through iCUE software. Moreover, all keys are macro programmable. The Cherry MX Red switch on our device feels light when pressed, and due to the short travel distance, the keys should be responsive. Cherry MX Silent switch can also use it, which may provide a different typing experience.

It has good build quality. It is mainly made of plastic, with aluminum tape on the top, and almost no bending. The ABS plastic keycap will shake slightly, but it is not obvious when typing. The thin rubber feet at the bottom can well fix the keyboard in place. However, the slanted foot does not have that grip. The included wrist rest is made of hard plastic without padding. The wrist connector feels cheap and fragile and difficult to fix, but it feels sturdy when installed in place.

Corsair STRAFE MK.2 has good ergonomic functions. It comes with a very hard and unfilled wrist rest. There is a tilt setting, and the key spacing is fairly standard.

It has a complete RGB backlight, with a separate backlight button, you can customize it through the iCUE software. You can switch between the three brightness levels directly from the keyboard, or you can select the desired brightness more precisely through the software. You can set all its keys with different colors and effects, including the keys for media, brightness and profile.

Corsair STRAFE MK.2 has a thick braided cable that prevents kinks. It has two USB plugs: one for connecting to the computer and the other for USB pass-through. Since this keyboard only has wires, there are no wireless options.

Corsair STRAFE MK.2 has many other functions, including volume control wheel and dedicated media keys. All its keys are macro-programmable, including scroll wheel and media keys.

Corsair STRAFE MK.2 has excellent typing quality. The key spacing is fairly standard and will not cause accidental key operations, but because there is no tactile feedback, it is difficult to know when a key is registered. ABS keycaps feel stable and won’t shake when typing, but their quality feels a bit cheap. Although the wrist pad is not padded, it does contribute to overall comfort, and long-term typing will not make you feel tired. It also comes with the Cherry MX Silent switch, which looks similar to Cherry MX Red, but is quieter, and although we haven’t tested them yet, it may provide a different typing experience.

The keyboard is fully compatible with Windows, only pause and scroll lock do not work on macOS. Since the software is not compatible with Linux, you cannot customize any settings, but all keys should still work.

Corsair STRAFE RGB MK.2 is an excellent gaming keyboard, its performance is very similar to Corsair K70 RGB MK.2. Compared with other types of linear switches, our Cherry MX Red switch has a higher actuation force, but it should still feel light when pressed. Although some other options have shorter travel distances, their switching should still be fast enough for gaming.

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