Gaming keyboard: Logitech G413

The best gaming keyboard we tested in the budget category is the Logitech G413. This is a very simple model with a good brushed aluminum finish and little flexibility, and the structure is quite sophisticated. It uses a tactile Romer-G switch, which has a smooth touch, provides tactile feedback, and has a short stroke, giving you an overall good typing experience.

It has some extra features, such as media hot keys and USB pass-through. It also has separate backlit keys, although the only available color is red. These buttons feel light and responsive to games, and they also have a Windows key lock to prevent you from accidentally minimizing the game. The G HUB supporting software allows you to customize certain settings, such as red backlight effects and macros, although only function keys can be programmed via macros.

Unfortunately, the ergonomics is okay, because there is no wrist rest and there is only one tilt setting, so you may feel very uncomfortable after prolonged use. Also, ABS keycaps feel cheaper, and there is no onboard memory. Nevertheless, this is an excellent budget choice and one of the best mechanical keyboards we have tested.

Logitech G413 is a full-size keyboard, because its NumPad takes up a lot of space on your desk. The manufacturing quality of this keyboard is almost the same as the Logitech G512 Special Edition. It has a nice brushed aluminum surface with almost no bending, but the keyboard does show some defects. ABS keycaps feel cheaper and are very easy to glow in daily use. Some even look skewed and don’t seem to be aligned properly.

The candy bar of Logitech G413 does not provide many ergonomic settings. There is only one tilt setting for the foot, which can be very uncomfortable to press for a long time. If you want a product with a detachable wrist rest, please consider the Logitech G513, which is more advanced than this keyboard.

Logitech G413 has a good red backlight. All keys are individually lit, and you can also use the software to set some effects. You can also easily control the brightness through five different levels.

The fixed cable of this keyboard is long enough to connect to your desktop. Due to the USB pass-through on the board, there are two USB-A plugs at the end of the cable.

The keyboard has some nice additional features, such as media hot keys and a USB pass-through interface on the right side of the motherboard. Unfortunately, only the function keys are macro programmable. From the front, you can easily lock the Windows buttons to prevent the game from being minimized accidentally.

Logitech G413 uses a proprietary Romer-G tactile switch. Just like the Logitech G910 Orion Spark, this keyboard has a small bump before the actuation point. The distance before the trip is very short, it can be started quickly and reacts to the game, but it may also accidentally hit keys.

The keyboard is compatible with Logitech G HUB software. It offers a lot of customization options, but unfortunately, due to the lack of built-in memory, you cannot save different configuration files directly on the board. On the bright side, even if the backlight is a monochrome red, you can still apply the effect.

Although the development board is fully compatible with Windows, the software is not available on Linux, which means you will not be able to customize it completely to your liking. The pause and scroll lock keys also do not work on macOS.

Difference between size and variant

We reviewed the Logitech G413 carbon fiber finish, but it is also available in silver. The only difference between the two models is the backlight color. The carbon has a red backlight, while the silver version has a white backlight. We hope that our review is valid for both, not for backlight testing.

Compared with other keyboards

Logitech G413 is a very simple mechanical device that cannot stand out under any circumstances. It lacks many of the features that high-end keyboards have, such as RGB lighting or more available key switches.

Brief summary

Logitech G413 is a very simple mechanical keyboard. It has a Romer-G switch with excellent tactile feel, which is very smooth and provides a good overall typing experience. However, the board can only light up red, which will be disappointing if you prefer full RGB lighting. On the bright side, it has a pretty good structure and is compatible with G HUB software that allows some custom settings, such as macros on function keys.

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