Google may bring anti-tracking capabilities similar to iOS to Android

Apple has announced that it will officially implement a new privacy policy in the iOS 14 update this spring. Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy will include a notification that allows users to choose whether to agree to the application’s IDFA collection. Only the user chooses to agree, the application can collect.

Although some application developers led by Facebook are more disgusted with Apple’s new policy, this policy seems to have received a positive response. According to “Bloomberg” news, Google may also take similar measures to restrict applications from collecting user data.

Other sources said that Google is studying how to make the Android system anti-tracking capabilities, but the rules will not be as strict as Apple, this is because Google also relies on advertising-related business for revenue.

Google may take a similar approach to Chrome. Chrome can prohibit third-party websites from tracking cookies, but it is also providing other tools for websites and advertisers to collect limited user data.

Apple’s revision of the iOS system’s privacy policy has led to strong opposition from Facebook. Earlier, it was reported that Facebook started to display a notice encouraging iOS users to agree to its collection of IDFA (Identifier for Ads) information in order to “get better User experience”.

The notice will explain how it uses personalized advertisements, and introduce the use of personalized advertisements to support the revenue of small businesses, and it is also a prerequisite for apps to be provided free of charge.

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